Ultraviolet Light holds many positive health benefits, such as boosting our immune system, healing deep tissue wounds, and even sterilizing bacteria, viruses and so much more! 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can Ultraviolet UV light sterilize?

A: Yes! UV light works the best in 200-400nm spectrums to disinfect and sanitize your water, surfaces and with infrared UV light you can even boost your immune system.

Q: What UV light spectrum is the safest to use?

A: UV-A Light with 400nm wavelengths and below are the safest to use. Please do not look directly into the UV light.

Q: Which UV light spectrum is the most effective to use?

A: UV-C light at 253.7nm wavelengths is the most radical to irradiate microorganisms and has the added benefit of sterilizing the reproduction capability of bacteria and viruses by breaking up the cell structure.

Q: Do UV sanitizing wands and flashlights work?

A: If applied correctly, every UV A to C level spectrum can sanitize objects, water, food, surfaces and more. You can use it at a 2-6in distance for UV-C about 1-5 minutes and UV-A about 5-40 minutes.

Q: What is the best UV light?

A: If you are looking for the best household UV sanitizer you can pick the UV LED Torch. For more aggressive and thorough sanitizing as well as sterilizing you can pick the UV Sanitizing Wands or the stationary UV-C Lamp below. 


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